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Aug 01 2015

August 2015- Roxy

Roxy came to us to remove a mass on her shoulder. Just a few months ago, Dr. O’Reilly noticed a small lump on her shoulder, since then it has grown rapidly and began to impede the movement of her shoulder. Dr. O’Reilly surgically removed the 3-4 pound mass and now Roxy is a much happier dog! Her owners agreed to let us share her story with all of you to spread awareness of the importance to monitor these masses, even the non-malignant masses can become troublesome. We recommend that you take a picture with a ruler of any lumps or bumps on your pet at least once a month so that you can see if they change in size. Any masses that are growing should be seem by a veterinarian.Roxy KnauerRoxy Mass  Roxy Knauer Incision line

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