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Our pets can have many issues that cause them to itch. These causes can come from a variety of sources including the environment, food, fleas and microscopic organisms. Many pets suffer from allergies just like people. Pets with skin allergies can develop secondary bacterial or yeast infections which make them itch even more.

During your appointment, Dr. O’Reilly and staff can perform skin scrapings and microscopic evaluations in order to determine what kind of infection your pet has. We can also perform fungal cultures in our office. Pollen allergies can be determined with a simple blood test. Food allergies are determined with feeding trials. These tests help us determine the proper medication and treatment for your furry friend to clear up the infection or manage the allergy and help them feel better.

Unlike us, pollen allergies in pets often result in itching, skin problems, and chronic ear infections instead of sneezing and watery eyes. Once allergies are diagnosed and the pollens are identified, pets can be treated with allergy shots or oral drops to desensitize them to the allergens.

Fleas can be a big problem for our animals, especially on the Central Coast. We are lucky enough to live in a mild climate, but unfortunately this means that fleas are active all year long. We will check your pet thoroughly for fleas and provide you with the best flea medication for your pet’s needs.

Pets can be allergic to various meat proteins or grains. Allergies caused by diet can be determined with a feeding trial. Prescription diets dispensed by our clinic ensure that your pet is eating a guaranteed hypoallergenic diet.

We know you love your pets, and our goal is to make sure they are comfortable and give them the best care possible.

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