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Apr 01 2015

April 2015 – Ojo

Ojo presented with vomiting, lack of appetite, depression, and a distended stomach. We ran a pancreatitis test which was positive and took x-rays, which didn’t show anything. Due to the positive pancreatitis test, Ojo was hospitalized and treated with antibiotics, anti-nausea medications, pain medication and fluids. After a few days of being hospitalized, Ojo was still not eating and still vomiting. Dr. O’Reilly decided that it was time to send Ojo to see our radiologist, Dr. Jones, for an abdominal ultrasound. Candi, our office manager, transported Ojo down to Pismo for her appointment with Dr. Jones. During the abdominal ultrasound, Dr. Jones found a 2-3 cm object located in her intestines, and recommended Dr. O’Reilly perform an exploratory surgery. Dr. O’Reilly and staff headed into surgery that evening and found an oval shaped rubber object! Rubber does not appear on x-rays which explains why we didn’t see it to begin with, but luckily Dr. Jones was able to find it during his ultrasound.

No one, including Ojo’s parents can figure out what this odd object (pictured below) is, or where she got it.

After a few more days recovering in the hospital, Ojo was ready to go home. We are so happy that she is feeling better! Now that she is fully recovered she is back to playing on the ranch with her sister Grace (November 2014’s pet of the month).

Hopefully these 2 mischievous girls will stay out of trouble and we won’t see them again, except for vaccines and their preventative care visits!



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