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May 01 2015

May 2015 – Trui

Trui came to Stenner Creek Animal Hospital for an emergency after not being able to urinate for 7 days. His bladder was so large that it expanded pushing out his abdomen. He was weak, barely able to stand, lethargic, vomitting, was toxic and had very little hope of survival. It was dtermined that a stone was lodged in his urethra, preventing him from urinating. The stone could not be flushed out to relieve the obstruction so surgery would be necessary to save his life. Before surgery could be done, his critical condition and toxic kidneys would have to be stabilized. After 2 days of intensive care his condition was not improving so Dr. O’Reilly performed a minor surgery to place a temporary catheter in Trui’s bladder ti empty it more effectively to allow his kidneys to stabilize. This helped him tremendously and ober the next 2 days he was more comfortable and his kidney values and electrolytes improved drastically. He was now strong enough to undergo life saving surgery. He underwent a 2nd surgery which rerouted his urinary tract to allow him to urinate again. This procedure was successful and has made it possible for him to urinate. He is now eating and full of energy, recovering at Stenner Creek Animal Hospital and is in love with the staff. His owner Janine is so happy that he is feeling better and that our staff was able to save him. He is her joy in life. Unfortunately, Trui’s bill is over $10,000 after discounts and complimentary care and he is still hospitalized. Janine is on disability and the stipend she receives will not allow her to pay her bill. Dr. O’Reilly has offered to let her make small payments over time, but with a bill this large she will be making payments for years. With your help we can not only help pay for Trui’s medical bills, but also provide her with the prescription dog food that he will need to be on for the rest of his life. Thank you so much for your support! Trui has a site if you would like to donate:



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