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Mar 01 2015

March 2015 – Sierra

Sierra, a 10.5 year old Springer Spaniel, came to use because she was getting skin infections in between the folds around her vagina and staining from saliva and infections on her lips. Dr. O’Reilly tried to help her with antibiotics and testing, however she continued to get infections. Dr. O’Reilly recommended cosmetic surgery to help remove the fold in both areas to prevent infections from forming. After 2 surgeries, one for the mouth and a few weeks later another for her vaginal folds, Sierra is a happy girl without any more skin infections.

Older dogs have similar issues to older people where their skin starts to loosen as they age. This is what caused an issue for Sierra. If your pet is having issues licking certain areas constantly, bring them in to see if they have a skin infection which is very common in dogs. Skin infections can be treated with medications in most situations.

If your pet is in need of a cosmetic surgery, Dr. O’Reilly specializes in these surgeries and we would love to set up a consultation for you.



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